Your Logo

Add Your Logo To Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

Some of our clients use this to reinforce branding with persons using Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, particularly if outside the organization. You want can add your logo to the upper left of the pages for your account so all users will see your logo followed by a 'powered by Lexbe' logo.

Logo Requirements

A logo needs to meet these requirements:

>92 Px high
>No more than 318 Px wide
>White background
>Readable text when sized to 46px high

Account Requirements

This service is available for law firms, companies and partner organizations under the our Flex Plan. Price is $200 for the services.

Request And Attach Your Logo

Please let us know if you would like to see your firm’s logo displayed in Lexbe eDiscovery Platform by contacting customer service at our Support Center or send us an email.