Audit Doc Access

You may access the ‘Audit Report' from the top menu under 'Management>Account> Audit Doc Access’. This report is available only to Administrative users. Only someone with a specific privilege can access this functionality. If the administrator for your account or others should have this privilege and do not, please contact customer support.

Use of Audit Doc(ument) Access

The Audit Doc Access page allows you to see and keep track of the documents viewed or downloaded by any user(s) and email the report to another person.

The following user information is logged in each account and made available in this report:
>User access date and time for each document viewed or downloaded
>User login email address
>Case in which document was accessed
>Document Title
>Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Unique Document ID

Please Note: This information is retained only for the last two months. If you wish to save it you should periodically (e.g., once a month) download the audit log. This does not reflect time spent per document or time spent on other pages in the system.

Send an Audit Doc Access Log

You can send the Audit Log to someone else (e.g., an auditor) by entering the recipient's email in the ‘Email AuditReport’ box that appears on the upper left box window. Then click on the ‘Email Report’ button. Finally, you will see a message confirming at the top of the screen.

Download Audit Log to Excel Spreadsheet

You can download the audit log to an Excel spreadsheet and view or save by clicking Export>Export to Excel on the left-hand menu. This is how your documents will be viewed: