Merge & Print PDFs By Date Order

You can merge multiple PDF files into one single PDF and also print the files by date order using the 'Doc Date' as the file name. This is an important feature for review any documents in preparation for the deposition or client meetings, regardless of the size of the document.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Use
the 'DocĀ Date' field to add the date to your files

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform will set the default date for batch printing using the values available under 'Doc Date' field (also displayed as 'Date'). This is a control field and during your review, you can use this it to consolidate the dates for searching, filtering, printing and eventually producing files. The date field is left in blank by default (editable).

Please note that standard date format must be 'YYYY-MM-DD' (E.g. 2010-09-19)

You can date multiple files using the Multi Doc Edit feature from the Search and Browse pages, or date individual documents from the Document Viewer under the Discovery tab.

Step 2: Create Download Briefcases

There are two ways to create download briefcases within Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, as follows:

01- From the Search or Browse pages by selecting the documents from the current case, clicking on the link 'Select all XX documents in list'. Documents can be selected in several ways:>Each document in the table view of documents has a check mark to the left of the document. Documents on a page can be selected one at a time this way. NOTE: These check marks persist for the page only and are lost if you navigate to another page.
>All documents displayed on a page (25 documents) can be selected all at once by selecting 'All' at the top of the page.
>All documents in a view (which may display on multiple pages) can be selected by first clicking 'all' in the last step'. At that point a message and link will appear at the top of the page enabling you to select all the documents in the page (e.g., 'Select all XX documents'). After selecting documents in any of the ways, click on the 'Export To Briefcase' button.

02- From the Document Viewer page. When you open a document in the Document Viewer from the Browse, Search or Fact & Issues pages, a listing of up to 25 of the documents displayed in those pages will be carried over to the document viewer. You can export to a briefcase the current document you have opened by clicking on the 'Export Briefcase' hyperlink.

Please read carefully our paragraph about 'important considerations for creating & downloading briefcases' on the Download Briefcase page.

Step 3: Customize the Download Briefcase dialog Box

When you click on the 'Export To Briefcase' button a dialog box appears, in which you can select 'Doc Dates' and use this name file option
. Please wait until the briefcase is created and don't forget to select the 'Notification' option to receive by email a notification of completion.

This is how the PDF file will look like when you open it:

Step 4: Merge Download Briefcases you assigned the date for the file names

-Go to the Case>Download Briefcase page and select the PDFs documents to be merged by the Batch Title, and then click on the 'Create Merged PDF' button located at the PDF Merge section. Only the processed downloads will be merged, so please don't merge a batch if you still the progress upload bar running.
You also have the option to insert a blank page between each separate document by selecting the 'Insert Separator Sheet'. The progress bar displays the number of files left from the current briefcase being processed.

-Click on the 'Download' hyperlink to open, in some cases a browser version may automatically start the download process after waiting a few seconds.
>Next, the browser should prompt you on what to do with the file through a dialog box, asking you whether you would like to 'Save', or 'Open' the compressed (zipped) folder. It is best to save the file somewhere on your computer where you will remember it. If you need immediate access to the file select 'Open', and
we recommend that you open using WINRAR utility.

Folders Structure Included In Your Merged Briefcase

The new PDF merged into one PDF file will be available under the 'PDFMERGED' sub-folder. In addition to the Originals, PDF and Redacted (if applicable), it will also include a sub-folder called 'PDFMERGED'. When you open this sub-folder, you will be able to view a single PDF file with all your merged pages within it.

Redacted Documents

Please note that by default
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform will merge the redacted versions of the PDFs documents you export to a briefcase.

Merging Emails with attachments Into One PDF

Email messages and all the attachments are also merged to form one single document.
The first page will be the email body and attachments on the subsequent pages in order.