The Browse page is located on the top menu. It shows all the documents uploaded into the case you are currently working on. This page also allows you to edit/delete documents. If you need to find specific documents based on the text or keywords search, please open the Search page. 

Viewing and Selecting Documents

To select documents and perform multiple document operation please visit to our Shared Functions page for more details.

Folder and Folder Quick Links

To learn more about those features, please visit to our Uploading Folder Structures page for more details.

Multi-Level Sorting

This function is available under the 'Search' and 'Browse' pages, and allows you to quickly and accurately sort documents for what you need, involving several levels of visual discrimination. When you click on 'Select Sort' link a new window will be opened. The date formatting convention entered under the date fields (e.g. Date Created) should not matter, as Lexbe eDiscovery Platform parses a date string and returns results in a way that does not affect the sort order.

Here you can filter documents by any Standard Columns (e.g. Title, Original Title, Ext, Pages, etc.) and/or Custom Doc Fields (Custom Coding Fields) at the same time. Regardless the date formatting convention, our system will parse an array of dates in descending or ascending order keeping in the same order, as long as they are standard date values as follows:
-7/18/2013 12:00:00 AM

We do not recommend that besides the date strings you use text, date and characters '__', date ranges or just the year as values, which will not recognized or sort documents in a chronological order. For example:
-Undated, -Multiple, Illegible

Review Sets & Review Batch

1-Review Sets. Only Admin Users have access to this section in order to create, add or remove documents to Review Sets. The Review Sets are  the main grouping mechanism including all the documents in the set.  MORE

Maximum Review Set Size - the maximum number of documents in a Review Set is determined by the Admin User.

2-Review Batch. This section will be grayed out until Admin Users create 'Review Sets' from the Account>Manage Review Sets page. Once the 'Get Batch' button is available, you can click and bring Review Sets to the main page. MORE

Shared Functions

To learn more about the features below, please visit to our Shared Functions page for further details.

-Filter Quick Links (Shared Function)
-Show Columns
-Delete Documents
-Multi Doc Edit
-Print Spreadsheet
-Export to Briefcase
-Edit/Delete Button
-Printing Documents

Document View Troubleshooting

If you are having difficulties opening or viewing documents in the document viewer, see Document-Viewer-Troubleshooting.