Browser Versions

Using Different Versions Of Browsers

Lexbe is a web-based application and is available from most modern browsers, and multiple OSes, and it
supports the two most recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox for the Windows and Safari and Firefox for the Mac.

Should you have more than one Internet browser installed?

We strongly suggest that you have at least two browsers installed especially if you are having problem in a particular browser, so try installing and using a different supported browser for your operating system to see if the problem persists. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer on the PC, try installing Firefox or Chrome or vice-versa. If you are using Safari on the Mac, try installing Firefox or vice-versa. If the problem exists on only one of the browsers, it is likely due to some specific configuration of that browser, and not something involving your internet connection or the Lexbe servers. Similarly, if you have access to another computer, try logging in and trying the same procedure there. If the issue does not repeat, then the problem can be localized to something computer or browser specific.

Please note also that occasionally browser versions become corrupt or partially corrupt. On those cases you must uninstall and re-install the browser.

How do I find the version of my web browser?

In general you can open this link directly:, however you can also find out the version by following the steps below:

On My Windows

Microsoft Internet Explorer

> Open Internet Explorer and go to the Tools icon (Alt+X) and then select about internet explorer. The browser version will be displayed in the information screen.

Mozilla Firefox

>Open Firefox, from the menu bar click Help and then select About Mozilla Firefox. The browser version will be displayed in the information screen.

Google Chrome

>On the Toolbar of your browser, click on the HotDog icon and then from the drop down menu, click on About Google Chrome.


Apple Safari

Open Safari and click display Safari, then select About Safari. The browser version will be displayed in the information screen.

Apple Firefox

Open Firefox and click display Firefox>About Firefox. The browser version will be displayed in the information screen.

For more information about Mac platform, please open this link.

Are you trying to open a Native File?

Please note that PDFs are viewed using Adobe Acrobat reader (or whatever program the user uses to view PDFs inline in his/her web browser). If you are trying to open a native file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) using Windows, you can download it to your desktop or view inline with various software. Mac Users can open native files by adjusting the settings on the computer.

Contacting Lexbe Support

Please let us know if you need support by contacting customer service at our Support Center or send us an email.