Lexbe eDiscovery Platform individual case calendar is located under the 'Case' tab in the top navigation menu (Case>Case Calendar). This enables you to maintain and view an individual case calendars and also view all case events at one time.


The individual case calendar allows everyone on the litigation team to keep track of key dates and events like depositions, discovery cut-off, hearings, etc. As the calendar is shared, all members in the litigation team can keep up with the events without the need to forward emails.

Calendar Features listed in the main table

Date/Time: Date and time has an automatic selection when creating a new event. When you create a new event the default time is '12:00:00 AM' and after you save it the main table will only display the date (e.g. 07/16/12) if you didn't enter a specific time. The log exported to Excel will display the entire date and time you have entered (not the default 12:00:00 AM).
Event Title: This is a short identification of the case item. Examples could be 'Answer filed' 'discovery close date' etc. 
Event Description: This option provides more information about each case event.
Location: Location refers to where the event will take place. This could be a courthouse, your offices, the opposing attorney's offices, etc.
Posted By: This refers to the last person to edit the item. This is automatically entered upon an edit.
Edit: This allows you to edit an existing calendar event item.

Calendar Event Options

You will find the following options:
Show Calendar For: This allows you to toggle the calender between the active case or all cases in the account.
Keyword Search: Helps to narrow the search in case of event titles containing multiple descriptions, dates or location.
Select Events: Gives you the option to search separately the undated, dated, future events or all events. The default view is 'all events'. 

Create New Event. You can create a new event by selecting 'Create New Event'. Enter the specific items in the text boxes provided and then click on the 'update' link to save.

Delete Case Events 

To remove case(s) from the case calendar, first you have to select the event(s) clicking on the text box 'Event Date/Time' located on the main table. Once you had selected the event(s), click on 'Delete Selected Events' button. 

Export Event View to Excel
Export to Word or Excel: Any event item can be exported to Word or Excel to save, include in a report, etc. The export button is located on the bottom left part of the screen.
To export a event view to Microsoft Office, select 'Export to Excel' located at the left of the page. Clicking on a link here allows you to export and open an event in an Office application for further formatting and printing. The dates for the Briefcase Export are in the American/UK-European format. (Excel allows sorting on any of the exported fields)

Printing a Spreadsheet

You can print the Case Events and all the tags related to them, after downloading to an excel spreadsheet.

Event Synchronization with Outlook

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Case events at present only supports synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. Other programs such as iCal and Google are on our development list.