Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform individual case contacts are located under the 'Case' tab in the top navigation menu.


Lexbe’s shared contacts list lets your litigation team keep your contact info of experts, opposing counsel, your team members, etc., in one place. You can search case contacts by 'Current Case' or 'All Cases In Account'. 

Column Description

Type: The icon illustrates if the contact is a person or organization.
Name: The Name column includes the name and title of each person or organization.
Address: Allows inclusion of street address, city, state, zip code and country, as applicable.
Contact Information: Allows inclusion of phone, cell phone, fax and email contact information.

Add and Remove Contacts To Case(s)

When you show contacts 'All Cases In Account', by selecting contacts from the main table it will give you the ability to either add or remove them from your cases in Lexbe eDiscovery. 

 Create New Contact

On clicking on this button, you will receive an entry form to add a new contact.   

From there you are presented with an entry screen:

You can identify the entry as an individual (person) or an organization.  Other entries are available for 'title', 'address', phone numbers, email, and affiliations. To save, click on the 'update' link.

Case Contacts

The case contacts screen is not intended to track 'case participants' such as witnesses, parties, etc.  Instead use the 'case participants' module, located here. (case participants is under 'Analysis' tab). You can also edit your contact details by clicking on the hot link 'edit' column from the main table.

Delete Contacts

You can delete contacts no longer needed. Deleted entries will be completely erased from the contacts.

Export Case Contacts

On the left side of the screen is an export menu. Clicking on 'Export to Excel' here allows you to export and open a listing of Case Contacts in an Office application for further formatting and printing.

Import Case Contacts

Clicking on ‘Import’ allows you to import to Lexbe eDiscovery Platform your list of contacts. Please note that this function only imports contacts created from an Excel file.