Case Deletion

Account Admin Users can delete cases that are no longer needed, but first we recommend that you make a backup copy of the entire database before deleting records from the account. Once records are deleted, you might not be able to retrieve the case.

Please note that if you submit a request to delete a case at our support center, we still can do it for you. However, to give our users more autonomy maintaining information confidentiality of their clients, it would be better if Account Admin Users archive and delete cases themselves.

How to Delete Cases From Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

Once you remove the documents from Lexbe eDiscovery, please go to the Account>Manage Cases page to perform the following steps:
1. Select the Account (if applicable).
2. Select the case(s) you wish to delete (check-box), this action will highlight the case(s) to be removed from the account.
3. Expand the section called 'Delete Cases' and click on the 'Delete Selected Cases' button.

Can I recover a case later if deleted?

That depends on our delete cycle from our data backup storage. If the request submitted is within varying time periods we may be able to recover a case and metadata from backup. There is a recovery charge for this service if successful and it generically takes two days.

User associations to the case are not retained and on recovery we assign the case to one account admin and you can grant further user rights as needed. If needed open a ticket or speak with your sales representative.

We Can Help You Too!

If you wish us to download and send the data from your account, our technical support can download the contents of your Lexbe eDiscovery Platform account for you, copy to a flash drive and mail it to your office. The cost is $15 per GB, plus $10 per case, $150 minimum (free shipping using USPS - Priority Mail services). If you want to use this service please reply to this email prior to the effective date of your account termination (within 10 days after receiving the account cancellation request) including the case(s) name(s) to be downloaded.