Custom Case Fields

Manage Custom Case Fields

You may access the ‘Manage Case Fields' from the top menu under 'Account> Manage Custom Case Fields’. You can also view all the ‘Case Sections’ and ‘Case Fields’ by either clicking on the Dashboard or Case Details pages.

Use of Manage Case Fields

Manage Case Fields enables you to create an unlimited number of custom fields and tags to identify cases and associate with multiple specific issues you have established for them (one case at a time). The case fields you create can be check boxes or text boxes.

How to Set Up Case Fields

Only someone with a account administrative rights can set up these fields (although all users can view and use). If the administrator for your account or others should have this privilege and do not, please contact customer support.

In the upper left corner of the screen you can either add case section or custom case fields;

Adding Case Section

Case sections are organized into expandable fields. You should first set up one or more sections to contain and organize your fields. Here are some examples of Case Sections that can be added to Lexbe eDiscovery Platform to manage your cases, particularly those with a large number (e.g., Case Management, Parties, Case Status, etc.).

You add a new section on ‘Add Case Section’ by entering the section title and by clicking ‘OK’.

Adding Case Field

This custom case fields are added in a similar fashion under the main ‘Case Section’. First click on ‘Add Case Field’ and specify the label name and whether a check box or text box is desired. Then click ‘OK’ to add the new Case Field.

In the picture above we created some examples of Case Fields that can be added under the ‘Section Titles’.
In the ‘Case Management’ Section Title there are two custom case sections:
Resp. Atty responsible for handling the case and Handling Atty,the attorney with origination credit.
‘Parties’ Section Title has Opposing Party which is the name of individuals or entities opposing, Client Name the name of your client and Opposing Attorney(s) which is the firm or individual attorney opposing.
‘Case Status’ Section Title has five custom case sections as follows:
Case Status. Shows if the case is either closed or opened.
Billing Status. E.g, account is current or in arrears.
Case Open Date. The date must be in US format, e.g. 2011-01-01.
Case Close Date and Retain Until (both follow US format for dates)

You can move sections or fields up and down in order by using your mouse to drag the left arrows up or down. Sections move separate of the fields so be careful to not inadvertently separate a ‘Case Field’ from its ‘Section Title’ .

Edit/Delete Case Fields

You can edit or delete case fields from the links to the left.

Once you delete a Case Field, this action cannot be undone. A message will appear on top of the main table.

Note: When you create a new case field, it will be displayed in all existing documents within the current case you will be working on. If you have already updated the new Case Field on the Case Details page, it will create a new column on the Dashboard page retaining case information and for this reason cannot be deleted.