Case Keywords


This section can be accessed from the top menu under 'Account-Case Keywords' by account administratorsHere you can enter multiple search terms that will become persistent highlights in the Hits and Text pages of the Doc Viewer when documents are opened from Browse. It will also help you when you need to manage a list of terms in a set of documents, without having to select filters or open the Search page. (no advanced search terms)

Build a Keyword List

Basic Use

>Click the 'Edit' link at the bottom right of the main table
>Enter multiple terms that you want highlighted, but each word must separated by the word 'OR' and multiple words must be contained in parenthesis. For example:
(Jeff* pre/3 Skilling) OR Prado OR ("alleg* several") OR Chewco OR ("Raptor I")
>Enter terms for persistent highlighting exactly as they appear in the document
>You may enter up to 50 keywords  
>Click the 'Update' hyperlink to save

Boolean Wildcards

You can use Boolean wildcards to expand case keywords, as follows:

>A Boolean search word can contain the wildcard characters '*' and '?'.
>A '?' in a word matches any single character, and a '*' matches any number of characters. The wildcard characters can be in any position in a word. For example:

invoi*  would match invoice, involve and investigation, etc.
*urt*  would match court, circuit, county, etc.
invoi? would match apply invoice but not invoices.
bi*ling would match billing, bill, etc.

How to Find Your Highlighted Terms

Go to the Browse page and then click on a document 'Title'. To see the highlighted terms show up, please switch to the Hits or Text tabs from the Document Viewer. 

Starting A New Keyword List

>Click the 'Edit' link
>Delete the current Keyword list and enter new ones
>Click 'Update' and then click on 'Index Case Keywords' button to refresh the page and index the new keywords entered

>A new window will ask if you want to 'Update Index Case Keywords', click 'OK' if you want to start a new list
>The current page will display a message saying 'Keywords Updated'. The process capability index is normally fast (less than a minute);  however, the speed index might be longer depending on the size of your case

Turning Off or Stopping Case Keywords

To stop or turn-off case keywords, open the keywords list, remove the keywords and update.

A Few Considerations On Case Keywords

>This function will not display highlight terms when you try to open files from the Search page.  Instead the search terms will be highlighted.

>Users cannot individually turn on or off.  An account admin sets the keywords for everyone with case access.

>Only one keyword set can be used at a time.  However, fairly long keyword strings can be created to span multiple issues, custodians, etc.

>Do not to a different Lexbe eDiscovery Platform page until indexing is complete; otherwise, the indexing process will be interrupted by a shutdown.

>Please note that only Account Admin User(s) (for security settings), have the privilege of creating a group of terms to be highlighted by case and this feature cannot be disabled directly by other type of users at the present moment. This is a planned feature in road-map for future development, but there is no estimated release date.