Case Notes

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Case Notes will allow you to keep and share notes about pleadings, transcripts and other documents. Notes can be public, so others with access privileges can view, or private, so only you can see them. Notes can be created in the document view, and then will be viewable in a comprehensive notes report. To get to Case Notes page, click on the 'Case Notes' under the 'Analysis' tab on the top navigation menu:

Case Notes in Aggregate View
All case notes that a user has access to are listed in table format.

Individual notes can also be created and edited in the document view. Click here for a description.

Search of Case Notes
On the left side of the screen is a search box that allows you to search the title and contents of all notes to which a user has access. You can also sort data in the main table.


This feature allows you to show in the table format the checked and unchecked notes.

Delete Notes

Once notes have been selected (see below), to delete a note from Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, click on the 'Delete' link at the left of the screen. After that you will see a confirmation dialog box and if you press 'OK', then the notes will be permanently deleted from the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform database.

Exporting Notes

The 'Export to Excel' button allows you save the current view in the browser window to an Excel spreadsheet format. To complete this function, first you select the notes from 'Case Notes Title' and then click on the 'Export to Excel' button. After a dialog box appears and gives you the option to 'open', 'save' or 'cancel the document', Choose 'Save' to save the file in Excel. Then click 'Open' to open the downloaded file. This is how your Notes will be viewed;

The Excel spreadsheet can be edit and shared without specific privileges. It is the user's sole responsibility.

Print Case Notes

You can print notes after downloading to an excel spreadsheet.

Creating and Editing Case Notes

To edit Notes do so from the Document Viewer in individual documents and we also explain in more details here.