Case Participants


The Case Participants section can be accessed from the 'Analysis' tab from the top navigation bar. It will display the Case Participants involved in the current case or all cases in your account.

You can also see the all participants registered in all the cases into your Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform account, go to Analysis> Case Participants pageCase Participants are the litigants, deponents, witnesses, and other individuals and organizations in the case that provide factual information. Keeping track of the relationships between and among this 'cast of characters' can be challenging. Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform allows you to capture each participant's name, relation to other participants and a description of the role the participant plays in your case. Lexbe makes this easy with the Case Participant view. 

The type column indicates that the participant is an individual or an organization. Fields are available for 'name', 'role' in the case, and 'affiliation'.

Keyword Search

You can narrow your search, typing only information from one field to find a specific case participant. This feature will look for matching contacts that contain one or more words specified by the user (e.g. Defendant). 

Creating new Case Participants

You can create case participants by clicking on the 'Create New Case Participant' button. You are then presented with an entry screen with text boxes for all applicable fields. Allows you to import to Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform your list of contacts from a contact list prepared on an Excel file.

Under the 'Name' field the case participants must be set up in 'Last Name/First Name' format (e.g. Johnson, Joane). Case participants will be effectively sorted by 'Name',  if you put the individuals in last name first. When finished, click on the 'update' link to save the record.

Delete Select Participants

On the left side of the screen, you may select one or more participants to be removed from the current list. Please note this action will permanently delete the case participant from the "entire" case. This action cannot be undone.

Export To Excel

The main table allows you to select Case Participant(s) and then export to and Excel spreadsheet for further formatting. You can select all the case participants in the list or only specific ones.

Printing a Spreadsheet

You can print any spreadsheet all the tags related to the Case Participants, after downloading to Excel.

Import Case Participants

You can import a listing of Case Participants from a spreadsheet in Excel 1997-2003 format with the same headings as are on the Case Participants page, such as the following:

Custom Field

The column headings should all be present but information can be left blank.  A good way to assure the correct format and heading is to export a spreadsheet to an Excel spreadsheet, modify that spreadsheet by adding or modifying rows, saving in Excel 1997-2003 format, and then re-importing.

Tying Case Participants to Facts and Documents

Tracking Case Participants by itself is helpful, but Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform goes much further by tying case participants to facts. This powerful facility allows you to determine what a particular witness may say based on the documents, depositions and other information in the record or discovery. Associating Case Participants with Facts allows you to better prepare for witness interviews, depositions and examinations. To see how to link case participants to facts, click here, and to link to documents, click here.