Case Research

The Case Research page allows you to identify your legal research (e.g., applicable cases, statutes, articles) and include summaries and full text (copy and paste). Research section is under the 'Analysis' tab on the top navigation menu. This is helpful in preparing summary judgment motions, briefs and analyzing the strength of various issues. You can develop your research and arguments in a collaborative environment and can access your research from any web-enabled computer.

Create or Edit Issues

To add or edit issues, go to the Facts and Issues screen, described here.

Research Topics

To add new Legal Research click on the 'Create New Research' button, then you will then be presented with an input form for the research. After you fill in the appropriate information, click the 'Update' button to save.

Case Research

Case research allows you to save your legal research online and attach it to specific issues in the case. To the left of the screen is a 'Show Columns' menu with check boxes.

Show Columns

You can select the columns you wish to have displayed.
Click or unclick only one column at a time to allow the program time to redraw.
Each column allows you to save different information:
Topic: Saves a title and description of the research.  
Extraction: This field allows you to 'cut and paste' direct quotes from cases or exact language form cases. 
Authority: This field is used for the name and cite of an authority.
Links :Allows you to maintain up to three links per authority. The link could be to the location of the authority on the Internet, or to a link on your local computer and LAN (local computer and LAN links accessible only if you are on the local network).

Add/Remove Selected Research

It allows the user to add or remove a research to a specif  'Issue'.
After selecting one or more research topics from the list of 'Total Research Topic', just click add or remove research and it will be automatically updated. 

Export Legal Research

On the left side of the screen are export buttons to allow you to download and use your research on other applications. Clicking on a link here allows you to export and open a listing of your research in an Office application for further formatting and printing. The 'Export to Excel' button allows you to save the current view in the browser window to an Excel spreadsheet. To complete this function, click on the 'Export to Excel' button. Choose 'Save' in the dialog box that appears to save the file in Excel. Then open the downloaded file. When opening the exported file on Excel, the following message might appear;
" The file you are trying to open, 'LexbeExcelFile (XX).xls.', is in a different format than specified by the file extension....Do you want to open the file now?"
You just click on 'YES' and the file will be exported to excel.

Including Copies of your Research in Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform

If you wish you can upload copies of your legal research into Lexbe and link to it from the legal search module.  You research can be in any popular format (e.g., PDF, Word, Text, etc.).  To do this follow these steps:

1) Upload your research to Lexbe as you would any other document (Case>Add Case Documents).
2) As the 'document source' assign it to 'Legal Research'
3) Once uploaded to Lexbe open the research in your web browser and save the web address.
4) Create your research item in the Research module and under the Link column paste the web address.

Now when you click on the link your research item will open in a new link in Lexbe.