Change Password

The Administration page allows you maintain your Lexbe user account. Some administrative functions are available to any user and some are available only if you are the 'Administrator' of your case account. You have access to the Change Password tab from the top menu under 'Management>Change Password'.

You can access "Change password" window by clicking 'Management>Change Password' tab on the menu bar. It will help some users to change the password used to authenticate the specified user. 

On clicking change password function you would see change password window. To change your password, you need to know your old password. Enter your old password, your new password, and then press enter to change your password. Your new password is effective to use immediately. We recommend that you regularly change your password to maintain optimal security for your account.

If you dot not remember your old password then you have to Recover Password and submit a request for a new one. Do not attempt to guess your password more than four times or you will be locked out of the system (for security purposes) and will need to contact support to reset your password. If you forget your user name, please contact us at our Support Center

Unable to log-in after changing the Password

If you still cannot log-in to your Lexbe eDiscovery Platform account after following the steps mentioned above, please contact the main administrator user account. This situation might happen if you don't have cases assigned to your account anymore. For security reason, only the main administrator user account can assign cases and grant you access to Lexbe eDiscovery Platform. If the problem still persists even after re-assigning cases back to your user account, please contact our Customer Support.