Lexbe eDiscovery Platform dashboard is located on the 'Home' Tab, to the left of top navigation bar. Once you log-in, you are automatically taken to the Dashboard. 

The Dashboard screen allows you to see all your custom field cases, select which case you are working on and see how many documents or files you have in each case. You can also view cases for all the accounts that you have access. This page also displays all the ‘Case Sections’ ‘Case Fields’ by clicking on the 'Management>Account>Manage Case Fields' and Case Details pages.

To see which case you are working on, look at the top left of your screen (in the example, 'Demo Case 1').

Multiple Accounts

The section 'Show Cases For' allows you to view all the cases you have access within 'Current' OR 'All Accounts'. This helps you to manage the accounts split per case in Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, in order for you to calculate the monthly storage separately (per client).

One Case at a Time

You can only open one case at a time within Lexbe eDiscovery Platform. If you select an Account and Case and do not see the case name displayed, please contact the Main Administrator User Account in order to have access to the current case.

Switch between Accounts & Cases

To change to a different account, click on 'Select Account'.
This allows you to switch to another account within Lexbe eDiscovery Platform. You can take the same steps to change to a different, by clicking on the drop-down menu on the upper left of the page entitled 'Select Case'.

Pleas note that if you only have access to one case, you will see only one selection.


If your account has multiple cases, this feature allows you to apply filters by using specific case fields and narrow down your results. Here are the case fields you can filter on:

-Case Number
-Case Type and Lead Atty

When typing words using 'Case Details' and clicking on the 'Filter' button, it will also look for matching cases that contain specific words described on Case Details. You can filter by typing the 'Case Name', 'Case Number' or any other Custom Fields you have created for the current case. 

NOTE. The spelling of this filter by 'Case Details" must be exact, otherwise no matches will be found during the filter selection. To return to the main page where all cases are listed, just click on 'View All' link on top of the head table.

Show Columns

The dashboard also lists all cases to which you have access.When you click on this section, you have the ability to see the number of documents reviewing in the case and the total size of documents in the case ('Reviewed Documents' and 'Documents Size')

Sorting/Expanding Columns

All columns can be sorted by clicking on the header title. Clicking once will display and forward sort and clicking again will produce a reverse sort.

Export to Excel

Before exporting your Case Details to an Excel Spreadsheet, make sure that under the 'Show Columns' section all the columns are checked. The 'Export to Excel' button allows you to save the current view in the dashboard window to an Excel spreadsheet.

To complete this function, click on the 'Export to Excel' button. Choose 'Save' in the dialog box that appears to save the file in Excel. Then open the downloaded file.

When opening the exported file on Excel, the following message might appear;

" The file you are trying to open, 'LexbeExcelFile (XX).xls'., is in a different format than specified by the file extension....Do you want to open the file now?"

You just click on 'YES' and the file will be exported to excel and all Case Details downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet can be sorted, filtered, searched and formatted.

Adjusting Any Field Widths on Lexbe Pages

You can re-size fields on all Lexbe eDiscovery Platform pages (Built-in Doc Fields and Custom Doc Fields). It will not change the adjustments in case you switch to a different page and then go back to the previous one.