DeNIST files

Technical Note Subject   

DeNIST file procedure in conversion processing

Technical Note Details

As part of conversion processing jobs (e.g., Native TIFF+, Native PDF+) certain files that are unlikely to result in evidence are removed from the data set and ignored for further processing.  If you wish for any of these files to be processed, you would need to order this as a special technical support procedure.

Prior to applying our DeNIST procedure, we do extension repair.

Following extension repair we ignore the following system file types from further processing.

  Extension   Description
  cab  Windows installation file
  cat  Windows catalog file
  cmd  Windows command file
  chm  Windows help file
  cvr  Microsoft Crash Report File
  dat   Generic application data file
  db  Generic data base file
  dll    Dynamic linked library (program file)
  DS_Store  Mac system file
  exe  Executable file
  fon  Generic font file
  ico   Windows icon file
  idx   System index file
  Text configuration file
  inf_loc  Windows installation file
  Windows system link
  Microsoft Word OLE storage stream
  mui   Windows Multilingual User Interface File
  nls  Microsoft National Language Support File
  pnf  Windows pre-compiled pnf file
  sys  Windows System File
  tmp  Application temporary file
  ttf   Apple truetype font