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Hits View


Hits View tab is located to the upper left of the Document Viewer. It will highlight the number of times a word appears on each indexed page of the document when opening the document viewer from ‘Search’ results.


If you click on ‘Text’ it will display the indexed text of the document. Some text based files, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, may include embedded images that will not be searchable or viewable, and for this reason Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform will only display the indexed text of the document. As part of the upload process, Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform automatically implements OCR of PDF files, enabling full-text searching of all case documents.   

If you want to view Embedded Images of the document click on ‘Image’.
Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform supports review of some image formats, but no text will be indexed, please click here to view the List of Native Files supported. In order to have text searchable from image formats, we recommend converting the files to text under image PDF’s so that the image will be retained and text available for indexing. Fore more details, please contact us at Lexbe Support.

Navigating in between Pages or Documents

Scroll your mouse up and down to see the hits in all the pages from the Document Viewer. If you want to move to the next or previous document in the document set, use the arrows on the top of the document viewer tab (center). This action will display the full document view (one page at time). 

Document Types Supported

You can store in
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform almost any type of document file type that you can open on your computer. These can include Adobe's PDF file format, as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft office file types. This includes also JPEG, BMP, TIFF and other graphic file types. Lexbe supports over 100 file types in total. To view the list of supported documents, please click here.