Download Briefcase


You can access the 'Download Briefcase' function through the menu under Case. This page is used for accessing and downloading groups of documents that you have selected to download from the Search, Browse and Document Viewer pages. You can share files and documents with persons outside Lexbe eDiscovery Platform by download documents to a briefcase, and then sending the documents using a shared download link or copying the briefcase to a flash drive, CD.

Download Briefcases By Case

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform allows you to view, select and download Briefcases by 'Current Case' or 'All Cases In Account'.

Delete Briefcases

>Each briefcase in the main table view documents has a check mark to the left of the document.
>Briefcases can be selected one at a time this way. NOTE: These check marks persist for the page only and are lost if you navigate to another page.
>Once you selected Briefcases to be removed out of Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, please click on the 'Delete Selected Briefcases' button. Once you have created a download zip file, and have downloaded to your local computer or LAN, you may wish to delete it from Lexbe eDiscovery Platform. (Deleting the download will have no effect on the original documents from which the download zip file was created).

NOTE: We recommended that you delete any unneeded Downloads, before the next billing cycle (last day of each month) to avoid increasing usage charges.

PDF Merge 

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform lets you merge multiple PDFs document from the same batch into one single file. You can also insert the separator sheet in between each page in your file.  You will be able to 'Batch Print' PDF made up of multiple docs, to get ready for depositions, client meetings or other reviews. MORE

You documents can be printed in date order this way, before Bates stamping! We do not recommend creating merged PDFs larger than 1,000 pages as they may not open. Main use case is printing with one click and 1,000 page PDFs satisfy that pretty well. MORE

Export (Soon To Be Released)

It will allow you to export your documents from Lexbe eDiscovery Platform directly to your Dropbox account. MORE

Creating Download Briefcases

There are two ways to create download briefcases within Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, as follows:

01- From the Search or Browse pages by selecting the documents from the current case, clicking on the link 'Select all XX documents in list'. Documents can be selected in several ways:
>Each document in the table view of documents has a check mark to the left of the document. Documents on a page can be selected one at a time this way. NOTE: These check marks persist for the page only and are lost if you navigate to another page.
>All documents displayed on a page (25 documents) can be selected all at once by selecting 'All' at the top of the page.
>All documents in a view (which may display on multiple pages) can be selected by first clicking 'all' in the last step'. At that point a message and link will appear at the top of the page enabling you to select all the documents in the page (e.g., 'Select all XX documents'). After selecting documents in any of the ways, click on the 'Export To Briefcase' button.

02- From the Document Viewer page. When you open a document in the Document Viewer from the Browse, Search or Fact & Issues pages, a listing of up to 25 of the documents displayed in those pages will be carried over to the document viewer. You can export to a briefcase the current document you have opened by clicking on the 'Export Briefcase' hyperlink.

Important Considerations For Creating & Downloading Briefcases

>The processing time taken to create a Briefcase depends on our internal servers, which are very fast (1 Gbps). However, when you are downloading a briefcase the time of the download is based on the briefcase size and your internet speed. Also, you don't have to wait until the download hyperlink is complete by refreshing the Download Briefcase page manually (F5 and Ctrl + F5).
>Windows users
can create Download Briefcases of any size; however, larger downloads can take a long time to create. MAC OS X does not support very large Briefcases and we recommend that MAC users create multiple Download Briefcases of 2 GB in size.
>Many computers and browsers have limits on the file size they can download (e.g., 4 GBs).
>Downloading very large files requires a very fast internet connection.
For example if you are downloading on a business internet connection (5 Mbps) and you have full use, the estimated time is 30 minutes per GB.  On a slower T-1 connection (.7 Mbps) the estimated time is over 3 Hrs per GB.
>We have tested very large downloads using Firefox Web Browser (64-bit) on Windows 7 (64 bit) with a NTFS file system or drive.
>For all but the most sophisticated users, we recommend creating smaller downloads (e.g. 1-2 GBs) in size.
>For large downloads we offer Technical services (separate charge) to transfer a Briefcase to a secure FTP account or ship on a Flash or USB Drive.
The cost is $10 per GB, plus $10 per case, $150 minimum, plus shipping.
If you want to use this service please reply to this email including the case(s) name(s) to be downloaded or request for a quote.
>You should plan sufficient time to complete any downloads and meet deadlines, including your quality control procedures, the possible need to rerun productions or briefcases if changes are made, and possible delays in downloads/slower downloads than expected/need to restart downloads.
>Production and briefcase creation increases your monthly hosting cost as it uses more storage. We bill on the basis
of the highest usage in the account within the month, so creation of a production or briefcase might affect it. For PDF productions and briefcases, the size of the production will be approximately the size of the original documents produced. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform charges include storage from Briefcases, as well as other storage used.

What Happens Next?

Once you click on the 'Export To Briefcase' button, this action will open the Download Briefcase dialog box and for each export of documents you can enter the following information:

Title: Unique Name for your briefcases being downloaded and the default title is 'Briefcase MM-DD-YYYY. 'Briefcase MM-DD-YYYY. 
Comments: Specific comments related to the download.
Name Files: You can name the files using the 'Doc Title', 'Bates Numbers', 'Control Numbers' or 'Doc Dates'. Please note that standard date format must be 'YYYY-MM-DD' (E.g. 2013-09-19)
Custom Designation:
This is a default value that will help you designate confidential information in a set of documents on a case level. The text you enter in that field (e.g. 'CONFIDENTIAL SUBJECT TO PROTECTIVE ORDER') from the Case>Case Details page will be the carried over to the Download Briefcases page. This is also an editable field and you can enter full text messages usually up to 50 characters. Please note that the Custom Designation section must be used in conjunction with the Custom Designation tag, Confidential tag, and Bates Stamp in order to print a message on the lower right of a Bates stamp page once your download is complete. The Custom Designation is equivalent to the 'Attorney Eyes Only', 'Confidential', 'Subject to Protective Order' or other special designation for confidential documents and it will print a message on the lower right of a Bates stamp page once your production is completed.  For more information, please read the 'How To Use Custom Designation Tag During Downloads' section from this page.
Doc ID: This is an internal string of numbers automatically generated to keep track of each file uploaded/processed. It identifies documents printed before Bates numbers have been used (e.g., during review process before a production). It also allows in multiple productions (different Bates) that the produced document is the same (same Doc ID as a control number)
Control Number
: It is a sequential control number similar to the Bates Numbering imported from a load-file to your Lexbe eDiscovery Platform case (e.g. Summation, Relativity, etc.). It will print on the bottom-left page as option in Download Briefcases and Productions. MORE
Bates Stamp: If checked, it will apply the Bates numbering to all the pages of PDF documents included in the download. The Bates numbering must be previously applied before you download to a briefcase. Please also note the following with this function:
>Adding Bates numbering to a large number of documents can take a long time or even time out. If this happens, you can break into smaller batches and download again.
>If a Bates number is already on the PDF image, then this function will write the Bates again (which may not be intended).
>This function is meant for a limited number of documents, such as preparing for a deposition, and is not intended as a substitute for conduction a document production. See the Production Job page for that functionality. 
Notification: This option will notify you by email (user email address) when the Briefcase download is completed. You don't have to wait until the download has finished by checking the Download Briefcase page manually.

If you choose to stay in the Browse, Search or Document Viewer pages, the screen in the picture will be displayed.

You can either 'Go to Download Briefcase Page', 'Stay on Current Page' or 'Cancel Briefcase' action. You should expect an approximately 10 GBs/day rate (~200,000 pages) within your Lexbe eDiscovery Platform account (combined all cases) to create Download or Productions (including Bates numbering) for Standard PDF productions and 2.5 GBs/day rate (~50,000 pages) if TIFF Productions are selected. Your download time is in addition to this, and will depend on your internet download speed. PDF productions will be approximately the size produced, while TIFF productions expand significantly (generally 3-10X, but sometimes substantially more depending on the specific files).  Production creation increases your monthly hosting cost as it uses more storage, for at least one month, and longer if not deleted after creation.  For larger productions, please contact Lexbe Sales for a services quote, as as a managed service we can handle very large productions within days.

>Adding Bates numbering to a large number of documents can take a long time or even time out. If this happens, you can break into smaller batches and download again.
>If a Bates number is already on the PDF image, then this function will write the Bates again (which may not be intended).
>This function is meant for a limited number of documents, such as preparing for a deposition, and is not intended as a substitute for conduction a document production. See the document production module for that functionality.
>For larger batches of natives, PST's or PDFs for upload and processing, OCR of image PDFs, larger production or briefcase downloads, or any uploads of TIFFs and load files, please contact Lexbe Sales for a services quote. We can upload for you from a supplied flash or USB drive, or download production or briefcases for you to a flash or USB drive and ship to you.

How To Use Custom Designation Tag During Downloads

Here are the steps you need to take for documents to display at a page level the Custom Designation field:

1-Code the files you wish to produce with the 'Custom Designation' and 'Confidential' tags, using one of the following options:
> Using the 'Multi Doc Edit' feature from the Browse or Search pages. More

> Use the Coding in Excel & Upload Metadata to reset multiple fields at once. More
> From the Document Viewer under the Discovery Tab (one document at a time). More

2-Create a new production and enter a unique text in the Designation text box field. You can enter full text messages usually up to 50 characters (e.g. Confidential Subject To Protective Order).

Please note that you must tag files as 'Confidential' and 'Custom Designation', and then also enter the custom designation message to print the custom designation text on the lower right of a Bates stamp page.

If you code your documents only using the ‘Confidential’ tag during your productions or downloads, the files will only display the Bates and the word ‘Confidential’ at a page level.

Bates Numbering Order

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform does not automatically allow for production of the specific Bates order (by upload time). Within the application, it Bates numbers by Doc Date, then Doc Title.  Our system assumes that Doc Dates will either be auto-extracted from native files like emails (PST or MSG) or hand coded.  A collection of scanned documents requires date coding to get that functionality.

If you have uploaded by named batch, you can run productions one at a time, by batch, and that will meet the goal of grouping by batch for Bates numbering (but not a specific order within). Bates Numbering Order Without 'Doc Date' Extraction or Hand Coding. MORE

Bates numbering as part of a production is done on the basis of the Doc Date, with email attachments to MSGs, if any, nested after the email.  So if your documents had the 'doc dates' on them, they should have Bates stamped in order.

For documents with no dates, it will print using the document Title order

The documents Bates stamped are printed on this order:
1 - Responsive and non-Privileged/Work Product, with 'Doc Date', sorted by 'Doc Date', then by 'Doc Title'
2 - Responsive and non-Privileged/
Work Product, without 'Doc Date', sorted by 'Title'
3 - Privileged/
Work Product, with 'Doc Date', sorted by 'Doc Date', then by 'Doc Title'
4 - Privileged/
Work Product, without 'Doc Date', sorted by 'Title'

In options 1-4, email attachments of MSG emails are sorted after the email body, irrespective of the email attachment 'Doc Date' or 'Doc Title'.

Folders Structure Included In Your Briefcase

When you download a briefcase, it will include a folder entitled 'Briefcase' and the following sub-folders:

>Originals: Folder designated for all the native files (Word, Excel, JPG, PGN, etc.)
>PDF: The PDF version of the correspondent native file (Word, Excel, etc.), that are automatically create after an upload.
>Redacted: It will also include any redacted versions of the files. Please note that MSGs and container files will also be part of the Download Briefcase in the 'ORIGINALS' sub-folder. The Briefcases are not intended for productions and do not withhold Privileged or Work Product documents or natives that are associated with redacted documents.
>Annotated: It will also include any annotated versions of the files.

How To Download Briefcases

>Click on the 'Download' hyperlink you wish to open, in some cases a browser version may automatically start the download process after waiting a few seconds.
>Next, the browser should prompt you on what to do with the file through a dialog box, asking you whether you would like to 'Save', or 'Open' the compressed (zipped) folder. It is best to save the file somewhere on your computer where you will remember it. If you need immediate access to the file select 'Open', and we recommend that you open with utility.

Download Briefcase Progress

After all downloads in the queue have been completed, you will be able to track the download progress of individual briefcases by following the Progress Bar displayed in all pages in Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, while you can do some other work. (located at the upper-right corner of a page)

The progress bar displays the number of files left from the current briefcase being processed. If you are downloading container files (E.g. ZIP folders), remember that the processing will compress and then finish downloading the files. This can increase the number of files being downloaded.

We should only click once for a function (e.g. 'Run' or 'Download'). Multiple clicks can slow, interrupt or send conflicting instructions to the server. If you want to start new productions or download files to Briefcases, please wait until the uploads have been completely processed in the server as this may affect the page count for each document you are trying to apply Bates stamping and/or produce.

As the download is created, which will involved Bates stamping PDF pages if selected, the progress bar will increase. Once it reaches 90% zipping of the files to ready for download will occur. When ready for download the last columns 'Download' on the right will turn into a download link. When you click on the link your browser will prompt you to download the zip file to a location on your computer or LAN as directed by you. If given an option, select 'Save As' rather than 'Open'. Once you do this, you download will commence to your computer and you will see a browser-based download bar. When you click on any of the files within the zip folder, it will open it in a Adobe Reader.

Sharing Download Briefcases

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform allows you to 'share' your files with non-Lexbe eDiscovery Platform users. You can save time and money by sending a download link to your recipient or yourself, instead of adding users not responsible for managing cases in your Lexbe eDiscovery Platform account or copying files to a flash drive/CD. Please visit our Share Downloading Briefcase page for more details.

How Long Will a Download Take to Complete?

Please note that Lexbe system will warn users about slow processing with simultaneous download. The time to create a Briefcase depends on the number of documents and whether they are being bates stamped. The Briefcase will be available for download from the Download Document page on the Case menu.

Creating a download of a few documents without Bates stamping will complete very quickly. Downloads of many documents with Bates stamping can take a long time to create, even hours sometimes for large Briefcases. Bates stamping and the subsequent zipping of files is processing intensive and time consuming.

The download rate for a very fast connection for productions might be 2-5 GBs/hour, but most connections would much slower and depends on your connection speed.  Lexbe can run and download productions at a higher speed if needed. For more information, please contact us by phone at 800-401-7809x 22, or by email at

Once Bates numbering (if selected) and zipping (all files are stored in a zip file for download), you will also have the time it takes to download from our servers to your local computer or LAN. This time is dependent on your connection speed. There are about 20,000 pages generally in a GB of PDFs (see our Pages in a MB/GB Calculator) and we have a download speed test for you to estimate how long your download will take based on file size. For example, an office LAN with a T-1 line might be able to download .5 GB per hour or more.

While Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is creating a download file, or while you are downloading, you do not need to keep the Browse, Search and Document Viewer pages open. Please the option 'Send Notification Upon Completion', if you want to find out when the Download Briefcase is complete.

Bates Position Not Readable

Before you begin uploading PDFs that contain images specially located lower right of near paper, we recommend re-sizing the images to '8.5 x 11.00' to make the bates stamps clear visible at a page-level due to the fact that Bates applied to PDFs cannot be re-positioned.

You can use a recent version of Acrobat Pro or another PDF Bates-stamping utility with granular page-offset options, re-size the images and re-upload to Lexbe eDiscovery Platform in order to make the Bates stamps clear visible at a page-level. Alternatively, we can do this for you as a paid technical support service.

Bates Applied to Small Images

Very small PDFs, JPGs and other supported images uploaded to a case may be too small for a Bates number to print on converted PDFs or TIFFs. In this case, the Bates number number will be applied to the Bates name, and in our Lexbe eDiscovery Platform case database (if applicable), but will not be readable on the document as the image is so small. These small images usually have no evidential value and you can delete (if producing from Lexbe eDiscovery Platform) before a production if you wish.

Bates Stamping Rates

Bates stamping of PDF files in Lexbe eDiscovery Platform can generally be done at approximately the rate of one GB/hr (usually about 15,000 pages/hr) to produce a Zip file with Bates stamped documents at the page level. This rate can vary quite a bit based on individual document characteristics. Additionally, partially corrupted PDF files can delay or stall Bates stamping and productions. Running multiple productions at a time will not speed the process (and can sometimes slow it), so only one production at a time should be run. After the production completes, a Zip file link will appear on the Case>Download Case Documents page. Then downloading will take additional time depending on your local internet download speed. Given these variables, we recommend building in an additional day or two of cushion before production deadlines on large productions. After checking your production you can also make a shared download link available to opposing counsel to save courier time.

For very large Bates stamping projects, we can provide you with our eDiscovery services and bring additional resources to help you. If you would like information or actual cost quotes, please call or email us.

Open Native Files Locally

Please note that when you open a native file under the 'Original View' from the Document Viewer page, you will automatically see a dialog asking whether you want to open or save the file from Both actions will open only the native version of document with a specific application related to its file extension.

Upload documents using iPAD

iPad cannot upload documents directly. If users want to upload/download from desktop/LAN to Lexbe using iPad, first they need to install programs that offer remote control (e.g., LogMeIn).

How To Create A Document Production

Please Note that the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Briefcase functionality is not designed for productions and it does not contain safeguards included in the Production functionality. You can learn step-by-step here.