Email Family Propagation


This technical note will provide detailed instructions for using 'Propagate Coding' feature from the Document Viewer page. 

Purpose (Pre-Validation)

This feature allows you to consistently tag email families, so when you are done with the review there will not be any inconsistencies in the production.

Getting Started 

From the document viewer when you click on the 'Propagate Coding' check-box, you will also copy the coding section under the Disc tab ('Responsive', 'Responsive', 'Non-Responsive', etc.,) from the current document to all members of an email family, over-writing what was there.

 Benefits  What It Does   What It Does Not
>Speed coding. >Copies current values of fields under the Disc tab>Coding section ('Responsive', 'Responsive', 'Non-Responsive', etc.,) to other family members.  >Copy to exact or near-duplicates.
>Consistently code email families. >Includes values saved and unsaved >Warn of over-writing of existing values.
>Reduce confusion and delays from needing to validate consistencies at the time of production.>Overwrites inconsistent values in records of other family members.

>Mark the 'Reviewed by Me' tag.

>'Propagate Coding' check-box will ONLY automatically expand a tag to an entire email family, and NOT be propagated to the next 24 documents in the list. For example, you coded a file under the Disc tab>Coding section as 'Responsive', when you click on the 'Save' button open the next document (e.g. '<2 of 25>'), it will not be tagged as 'Responsive' too. 

How to Access the Document Viewer

You can view a document by clicking on any link to the document in
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, such as from the 'Search', 'Browse' or 'Facts & Issues' pages. MORE

Document View Troubleshooting

If you are having any trouble viewing documents, please refer to this troubleshooting page or contact customer support