How to Set Up your Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

If you are the administrator on the account, you can add new users (Management>Account Manage Users) and cases (Management>Account Manage Cases) anytime. Be sure to give your new users case access as that is a separate step to allow case-by-case access rights.

Demo/Training Sessions

We can schedule free demo for first time users or custom paid training at any time you want, a business day or two in advance. Sometimes it is more meaningful if done after we have your data in your account. We use gotomeeting so multiple people can participate from different locations. Demo/Training usually takes 30-45 minutes, depending on your questions. Please open our Lexbe eDiscovery User Manual, which covers much the same material we do in training and can serve as a resource.

We also free training sessions every Wednesday at 12pm CT using general case data (GoToWebinar).

To schedule Demo/Training sessions, submit us a support ticket.

Free Customer Support

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform includes free ticket-based support for an account. Free Lexbe eDiscovery Platform customer support includes matters regarding account operation and administration, but does not include Custom Training, or professional services such as Administrative Services, Technical Services or Consulting Services.


Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is simple, inexpensive and predictable. We do not require long term contracts so you can start or stop your Lexbe usage anytime (month-to-month service). Along with your request for a paid account, you must also provide us with your billing contact information and type of payment (invoice or credit card). Invoice billing is only available for accounts under the Firm Plan and with approved credit.

Cases Billed Separately

In order to bill separately by the case (directly to your clients), please submit a request to our customer support. We will set up separate accounts in
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform and users need to log into each account separately.

If you have questions regarding your plan and current usage, please contact us by submitting a support ticket to our customer service.

Cancel Service

After receiving your request to cancel our services, charges will immediately stop and your account access will cease at the beginning of our next billing cycle, or the first day of the month. You must copy any data from your account that you wish to retain (data will be deleted within 10 days). To find more details about this feature, please open the link below:
Case Archive

If you wish us to download and send the data that were not copied from your account, our technical support can download the contents of you
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform account for you, copy to a flash drive and mail it to your office. The cost is $10 per GB, plus $10 per case, $150 minimum (free shipping using USPS - Priority Mail services). If you want to use this service please reply to this email prior to the effective date of your account termination (within 10 days after receiving the account cancellation request) including the case(s) name(s) to be downloaded.

Note that you lose access to the files and data in your account on the date of account termination and data is deleted from our servers shortly thereafter. Please make sure you have downloaded everything needed before that date as you will not be able to access or recover it later.

Personalized Logo

You want can add your logo to the upper left of the pages for your account so all users will see your logo followed by a 'powered by Lexbe' logo. Some of our clients use this to reinforce branding with persons using Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, particularly if outside the organization. We can use existing logos, and white background logos generally look best if available. A logo should also scale so that it looks OK when scaled to 46 pixels high (PNG or JPG, 43 px high and no more than 175 px wide). If you'd like to do this, send a logo with a white background as a JPG or PNG to suppo