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General Description  

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform supports TIFFs and PDFs file formats including the full-text indexed version. However, you may come across some files that might have little or even no text indexed into the application search engine when you open their text version.

Reasons Files  Are Not Indexed By SearchEngine

Some files may not be searchable for different reasons, as follows:
> Corrupted (
damage, data corruption, or virus)
> P
> Restricted for viewing
> Embedded files or attachments
> Separate TIFF/text file pairs (single-page or multi-page)
> Hidden or encrypted words

How To Identify Files With Little Or No Text Index

From the BrowseSearch  and Add Case Documents pages, users can select under the section 'Fields>Show Fields' specific columns to be displayed in the main table. We recommend that you select the following ones:
> Title
> Rank
> Ext
> Pages
> Words
> Size
> Doc Type, and then export the current log to an Excel spreadsheet
, following the steps below:
> From the current page in
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, select all documents (click on the link 'Select all XX documents in list')
> Click Export>Export Log to Excel
> Open (or save and open) the Excel spreadsheet
> Format the spreadsheet creating an extra column called 'Words per Page' to calculate the average number of words per page.

Exporting To Excel

Based on the words per page, you can calculate the average number and detect which files have either little or no text indexed.
The column 'G' of the spreadsheet above is showing a file with '0' words per page and others a low average of words per page. On those cases, we recommend that you open the files in order to detect the reason the average numbers are not corresponding to the Words/Pages of the document.

Reporting Files To Customer Support

Upon detecting files that show no or little text indexed and if they were part of an eDiscovery Job processed by Lexbe eDiscovery, please submit a support ticket to our customer service. We also ask that you include the Excel Spreadsheet that shows
the average number of words per page.

If the files were part of a set of documents uploaded directly by you,
Lexbe eDiscovery Suite Platform can help you analyze the issues related to the files and apply OCRServices charges do apply and you may request for a quote