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How to Make Documents from Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
Available to Persons Outside Your Organization

As a Lexbe eDiscovery Platform account administrator, you determine if persons outside your organization can access documents from your case depending on your specific needs. You may wish to use these features below to make documents available to clients, outside attorneys working with you, expert witnesses, or opposing counsel as part of a production.

Add Person as a Standard  User (Free of Charge)

As the main administrator user account, you can add a Standard User that will not only have access to the cases but also be able to perform most of the tasks available (e.g. Manage Folders, Fields, Users and Cases). The standard user cannot assign/remove cases from the account.

Add Person as a Read-Only User
(Free of Charge)

The Read-Only user will only have the ability to read the uploaded documents from the cases assign to his/her account. This approach allows this user to see all notes (except private), timeline, coding, etc.

Add Person as a Limited User
(Free of Charge)

This type of User can only see certain fields created specifically for his/her access. This action is made under the Management>Manage Custom Coding. This type of user can also download documents one at a time from the Document Viewer.

Remove user (s) from the Account

As the main administrator, you can remove permanently from the account any type of user that no longer has access to any cases and also remove the charge for the additional user license. To remove a user's access from a case or cases, please go to ‘Management>Account Manage Users’ and make sure 'Show Columns>Show Users' is checked, select the user or users by checking the 'User Name' on the main table and finally click on
'Remove User'.

Sharing Documents By A Private Download Link

To avoid adding/removing new users to your account, Lexbe eDiscovery Platform also allows you to share your Briefcase download with non-Lexbe eDiscovery Platform users. You can save time and money by sending a private download link to your recipient, instead of adding users not responsible for managing cases in your Lexbe eDiscovery Platform account or copying files to a flash drive/CD/DVD. The recipient will not get access to Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, but instead will have a link to a ZIP file containing all the files you choose to share. For this option, you will create a Briefcase from the Search or Browse pages and then generate a hot link to be shared outside your organization. This option is targeted for productions, but also can be useful to get documents to Experts, clients, or persons who ‘just want the documents’ and don’t want to take the time to learn Lexbe eDiscovery Platform.

If you should have any questions, or if you should need clarification on some of this information, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support or send us an email.