Translate Files

When you open or a foreign language document from the Document Viewer page, we recommend that you use Google Translate to translate a section of text or document into English.

Follow these steps:

> Open the foreign document from the Document Viewer page. We also recommend that users select the 'Text' tab view which can help when selecting texts to copy and paste to Google Translate. This view has all the searchable text that can be searched in the PDF or native files
> Select a section of text or the entire document
> Open Google Translate on the same browser you have opened
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform website
> Copy and paste the text you have selected from the Document Viewer into Google Translate
> Set pages written in a particular language ‘From: Detect language’ to always be translated ‘To: English’ 

> After translating and reviewing the document, copy your selection from the Google Translate website
> Go back to
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform and open the Notes Tab located to the upper right of the Document Viewer. It will allow you with the ability to add and edit Notes for a foreign language document
> Click on the 'New Note' hot link
> Past the selection from Google Translate to the ‘Note’ field. When creating a new note, you can refer to which document page the note will be attached on the fields named ‘First Page’
> Assign if this note will be private or Public, insert a Title and include detailed information about the selected document
> Click on the ‘Save’ button

Searching Foreign Documents within Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

In the search box enter the text or keywords which can be either in English or its original language, then Click on the
'Search' button. The results will be displayed in the main table for all documents according to your search in the Current Case.


In multiple cases and high volume of documents, ‘Filter’ section will narrow the search and show the documents you typed specific information. You can filter foreign documents from the Browse, Search and Analysis>Case Notes and Facts & Issues pages.

Seeing all Notes at Once

If you wish to see all document notes at one time, you can do so in the Case Notes page.