This help page will describe the procedures for hibernating a case.

Account hibernation refers to us maintaining your account in near ready state at a reduced cost. This service is appropriate for cases in an extended non-use state (many months), such as pending appeal, etc.  

Procedure to Request Hibernation of an Account

To initiate Hibernation of an account, the main account administrator(s) of your account should open a support ticket and request hibernation of the account. Please be sure to identify the exact account name (see the drop down menu on the upper left of your dashboard) for your request.

If not all cases in an account should be hibernated, then also identify the specific case or cases that should be hibernated. We will then split those cases into a separate account for hibernation and you will maintain access to the remaining cases in your account.

When an account is hibernated, the specific user access to cases is removed so you should make note of these associations and access type (e.g., regular user, account admin, limited user, etc.) and retain them for a restore.

Access During Hibernation

During Account Hibernation, we maintain your case account documents and data on our servers, but no users have any access to the account during hibernation.
>Account is hibernated as a whole or not. If not all cases hibernated needs to be into a new account.
>Restore in 1 biz day.
>Hibernated effective next month. Hibernated requires charge to bring to full for current month.

Procedure to regain Full Access

To switch from Hibernated Account status to full account status, an account administrator should open a support ticket and request an account be restored to full access. We will then restore the account to full access and associate the requesting account admin to the account. The account admin can then login and add users to cases as needed. Our service policy is to complete hibernation restoration requests by the end of the business day following the request.


Hibernation bills for an entire account and bills at the rate of 50% of the non-hibernated cost, minimum $100/m. This reduced hibernated charge will commence the beginning of our next billing cycle (first day of the month). If you request return of a an account to full access you will be charged the differential for that month of the full billing month less the hibernated amount (e.g., bill as thought the account is not hibernated). Please contact us by email at sales@lexbe.com.