Limited Users


As a Limited User you will not have the same rights the Standard and Admin user have, which means that some features such as upload, download, search, production and export multiple documents are not part of this type of user profile. If you believe you should have access to more feature or even administrative rights, please contact the Account Admin User(s) of your account.


Lexbe eDiscovery Platform dashboard is located on the 'Home' Tab, to the left of top navigation bar. Once you log-in, you are automatically taken to the Dashboard. 

The Dashboard screen allows you to see all your cases custom field cases, select which case you are working on and see how many documents or files you have in each case. You can also view cases for all the accounts that you have access. You can also view all the ‘Case Sections’ ‘Case Fields’ by clicking on the 'Management>Account>Manage Case Fields' and Case Details pages.

Seeing Which Case you Are Working On

You work on only one case at a time in Lexbe eDiscovery  Platform. To see which case you are working on, look to 'Current Case:' or the top right of your screen. This will show you which case is currently active (in the example, 'Demo Case 1').

Changing Cases-Selecting Account and or Case

The Dashboard screen allows you to see all your cases. You can select which case you are working on and also see how many documents or files you have in each case. To request access to Accounts, Cases or documents, you have to contact the the main administrator user account who control (enable/disable) rights to the users account.


Clicking on 'Filter' will display cases based on Case Type (e.g. Civil, Criminal).
When typing words using 'Case Details' and clicking on the 'Filter' button, it will also look for matching cases that contain specific words described on Case Details. You can filter by typing the 'Case Name', 'Case Number' or any other Custom Case Fields you have created for the current case. 


The Browse page is located on the top menu. It allows you to view and edit all the documents in your case.

Document Window

On the right side of the page is the is the main document window. This shows all documents assigned to your case by the main administrator user account.
Title. Shows the title of the document. By clicking the title, the entire document will be opened in a new window in PDF format.
Folder. This is a description of the document type.
Ext. Shows the file type/extension for the specific document.
Size. Indicates the file size in K bites.

Showing Pages

To navigate through the pages of the PDF document, click the Next Page or Previous Page arrow;

Document Viewer

The Document Viewer enables you to view documents stored in your case, often in a application specific rendered version (such as PDF) and as text (if available).

Detail of Features

A description of these features is explained in the following pages: 
  • Hits View. Highlights the number of times a word appears on each indexed page of the document when opening the document viewer from search results. more 
  • Original View. View document in native format (e.g., Word, Excel, etc.) using Microsoft Office or other native applications that you can open on a local computer. However, PDFs files and TIFFs collections (originals) can be displayed without installing additional software. more
  • Html View. View the extracted text version of the original documents without using applications outside Lexbe eDiscovery Platform. This view will not have any page brakes, OCR and is a not print-formatted version. Please also note that this feature is currently only available to new cases created after 09/16/2013 or old cased re-indexed. If you would like to take advantage of this new feature please contact us.
  • Page View. View paginated documents (multi-page PDFs and TIFFs one page at a time. This can be faster when viewing large documents, particularly if you do not need to review all pages. more
  • PDF View. View all the pages from the document in a PDF format. more
  • Text View. View the indexed text of a document. This includes OCR text from scanned documents and extracted text from native documents. more
  • Redacted View. Redact files within Lexbe eDiscovery  Platform or Upload redacted version of PDF files. more
Printing or Downloading Documents from the PDF Tab (one document at a time)

When viewing PDF documents, Lexbe eDiscovery Platform makes use of the PDF file viewer installed on your computer and associated with the PDF file extension. To learn about the fully functional version of Adobe Acrobat Reader open our (Help Page-Doc (multi-page)). You can either download or save the current document display under the PDF tab, by clicking on "Save As" or "Export" in Adobe Reader:

Document Types Supported

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform document viewer supports over 100 file types. These can include Adobe's PDF file format, native file types such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft office file types. You can also view many  also JPEG, BMP, TIFF and other graphic file types.

Document View Troubleshooting

If you are having difficulties opening or viewing documents in the document viewer, see

If you any questions, please contact customer support.