PDF Merge

PDF Merge feature allows you to pull multiple files from the Download Briefcase page and merge them into one PDF. It will create for you a single PDF file with all my merged pages within it.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1-Start by selecting PDF files from the Browse or Search pages and export to a Briefcase.

2-Please wait until the Download Briefcase has completed its processing in the queue. When creating a Download Briefcase, you can also select the option to be notified by email (user email address) when the Briefcase download is completed. You don't have to wait until the download has finished by checking the Download Briefcase page manually. MORE

3-Go to the Case>Download Briefcase page and select the PDFs documents to be merged by the Batch Title, and then click on the 'Create Merged PDF' button located at the PDF Merge section.  Only the processed downloads will be merged, so please don't merge a batch if you still the progress upload bar running.

You also have the option to insert a page break between each to separate documents by selecting the 'Insert Separator Sheet'. The progress bar displays the number of files left from the current briefcase being processed.

4-Click on the 'Download' hyperlink to open, in some cases a browser version may automatically start the download process after waiting a few seconds.
>Next, the browser should prompt you on what to do with the file through a dialog box, asking you whether you would like to 'Save', or 'Open' the compressed (zipped) folder. It is best to save the file somewhere on your computer where you will remember it. If you need immediate access to the file select 'Open', and we recommend that you open using WINRAR utility.

Folders Structure Included In Your Merged Briefcase

The new PDF merged into one PDF file will be available under the 'PDFMERGED' sub-folder. In addition to the Originals, PDF and Redacted (if applicable), it will also include a sub-folder called 'PDFMERGED'. When you open this sub-folder, you will be able to view a single PDF file with all your merged pages within it.

Redacted Documents

Please note that by default Lexbe eDiscovery Platform will merge the redacted versions of the PDFs documents you export to a briefcase.

Benefits of Merging PDFs

>Easy to 'Batch Print' PDF made up of multiple documents when you are getting ready for depositions, client meetings or other reviews. 
>Documents can be printed in date order this way, before Bates stamping. MORE
>No limit on how large a PDF can be.

Merging Emails with attachments Into One PDF

Email messages and all the attachments are also merged to form one single document. The first page will be the email body and attachments on the subsequent pages in order.

Recommended Size for Creating Merged PDFs

We do not recommend creating merged PDFs larger than 1,000 pages as they may not open. Main use case is printing with one click and 1,000 page PDFs satisfy that pretty well. Corrupted PDF files could also cause a timeout.