Placeholder File

Placeholder File

PDF or TIFF file created as part of ESI processing and conversion might include files that will generate a Placeholder to indicate the following:

Files 'Failed to Convert': which means standard file types that might include variety of reasons, including file corruption, file type mis-identification, print or data extraction and password protection. 

Files 'Not Converted': considered non-standard files and might include Media Files, some Container Files, some Email Files, Database Files, and other file types.

Please note that failure to convert a file does not mean it does not contain probative evidence, only that we did not covert it with our automated procedures. These files should be reviewed and further steps to make reviewable should be considered, when appropriate. Please review our list of support and not support file types.

Placeholder In Lexbe Productions

Just the PDF and TIFF formats will display a placeholder in the production identical to the one you can view now, including Bate stamping. The same file in its native format will be available under the 'ORIGINALS' sub-folder, and can be opened in Microsoft Office or other native applications on a local computer and reviewed.

Using placeholders for documents or files that could not be converted to PDF or TIFF is a common way of Bates-stamping and showing documents that exist, but could not be converted to a paginated format (PDF or TIFF). Then either the native version can be produced or the native could be withheld. MORE

The placeholder documents can be removed from a production (identify by filtering from Browse on 'Placeholder' and checking 'Not Converted' and 'Failed to Convert'). This may cause other issues, though, if the removed documents are part of a email family, as the production will fail validation if some of an email family are marked as responsive and others are not. The records containing the placeholder files could be downloaded to a briefcase and then deleted from the case if unneeded, and the production would run without validation issues, but the email bodies would show the missing attachments and that could raise questions. The downloaded files could be re-uploaded and but would be unassociated with email families and allow production without the validation check. MORE

The placeholder files could alternatively be removed manually after the production is downloaded. The placeholders to remove could be identified with a Browse filter on Placeholder = 'Not Checked' and 'Not Converted'. This will result, though, in Bates gaps in the production. Our Professional Services could help with eDiscovery Consulting or Training on best practices using Lexbe, or our Technical Services could also help in doing the above (if assistance needed). If you want us to provide eDiscovery Consulting, Training or Technical Services (hourly billing). MORE

Placeholders files generated in Lexbe eDiscovery jobs or Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Uploads are discussed here.