Pricing & Billing

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Plans and Pricing

Pricing for Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is simple, inexpensive and predictable. We do not require long term contracts so you can start or stop your Lexbe usage anytime (month-to-month service). We sample usage once a month (first day) based on the number of users and GB stored the each month and we are set up only to bill by the account.

How To Convert From Trial to Paid Account

If your Lexbe eDiscovery Platform 15-days risk free expired and you want to convert into a paid account, we'll need your consent for setting up a new account. Please contact us by submitting a support ticket to our customer service.

Payment Method

Along with your request for a paid account, you must also provide us with your billing contact information and type of payment (invoice or credit card). Invoice billing is only available for accounts under the Firm Plan and with approved credit. You can submit or update your credit card information here.

Standard Load Files For New Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Accounts

If you are a new user and would like us to help you upload standard load files to your case for the first time, the upload fees will be waived for new Lexbe eDiscovery Platform accounts when the data is kept in the case for a full six months; otherwise there is a prorated charge. Non-conforming load files would incur hourly charges, due to the fact that TIFF load files can be non-standard or corrupt, including corrupt or missing TIFF files, corrupt or missing text files, missing or corrupt data, field inconsistencies, file count mis-matches, misaligned or missing metadata, or other non-defined matters. When we receive a non-standard load file, we may be able to partially load or not, depending on the degree of problems and it would incur hourly charges.
>The supported load upload is only for a standard conforming load file, per our specs, and non-conforming load files would incur hourly charges.
>Please also note that our standard service for return of media for data handling is to use USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day), and an upgrade to a faster service will result in a shipping reimbursement charge in addition to the above.

Current Usage  

If you have questions regarding your plan and current usage, please contact us either by submitting a support ticket to our customer service.

Customer Support

We offer Standard and Priority Support services that include matters regarding general account operation and administration. You can submit us a support ticket, review various help guides, peruse other help articles and materials, request new features and capabilities for Lexbe eDiscovery Platform and send us a feedback about how we're doing.

Cancel Service

After receiving your request to cancel our services, charges will immediately stop and your account access will cease at the beginning of our next billing cycle, or the first day of the month. You should copy any data from your account that you wish to retain before then as the account, cases and all documents and data will be deleted thereafter. You will not receive any billings on your account for new periods (any prior unpaid billings are still effective).