Lexbe eDiscovery Platform allows you to download and print multiple documents selected (filter or manual selection) to a briefcase and from there you can print locally. As a cross-platform web application, is not possible to print multiple page documents directly from the browser, a local batch print utility makes this possible.

How to Print Multiple Documents

-Select docs to print in the browse or search search pages. You can print all or selected document and also apply filter by providing more specific information (titles, date, stamp, etc.). Choose ‘Export>Export to Briefcase’ and create a Briefcase 
-To print the documents from this Briefcase, go to Case>Download Briefcase and download to your local desktop the briefcase
-Unzip it and print locally

Using a Local Print Manager

Multiple docs can be printed from Windows Explorer by selecting, right click, print, but the order may be random

-To print in a particular order and with large no docs, we recommend using a local print utility.
-Many ‘batch print utility’ are available, some of our customers recommend  A-PDF Batch Print  A-PDF Batch Print (for PC only and will print Tiffs and other document types as well as PDFs)

Printing in Date Order

Sometimes you may wish to download and print a large number of docs in date order to be able to prepare for a deposition.

-To do that you will need to have the doc titles in date order and use a print manager (batch print utility)
-Docs with titles in a format like this: ‘2011-11-15 Memo to Board.pdf’ will print in date order
-Docs with Bates numbers in date order will also print in date order

Support for single page TIFFs

-If you have a case loaded with single paged TIFFs and load files, then the single page TIFFs will download to briefcase as well.  A batch print manager (see above) will be needed to print usually for single-paged TIFFs because of the volume of page at a time printing.