Production Validation

Production Validation is located on the top menu under the Discovery tab. This page is intended to detect files that are inconsistently coded during a production, exposing the ones that require intervention before they are filed with courts or delivered to the other side or expanding files that were supposed to be tagged as 'Responsive', as well (e.g. email attachments).  For example, you will be able to identify if there are email attachments that were inadvertently marked as 'Privilege'; therefore not included during a production. 

Our system was purposely designed to code documents consistently making sure that native versions of privileged, work product or redacted documents that are as nested inside of container files (e.g. email attachments) are not inadvertently produced.

Select Production

Select a Production for validation by the title. The drop down menu will  display all the productions that you haven't already produced (Run Production) in Lexbe eDiscovery Platform. 

Showing Stage Validation-Quality Control Of Productions

The first three tabs isolates from the production set of all the files you coded as follows: 
1-Responsive. Documents responsive to the opposing side's request for production
2-Privilege. Indicates attorney-client is relied upon 
3-Work Product. Indicates if the document is protected (attorney Work-Product privilege) and the fourth tab '4-Validated' is the final QC check process.

Validating Before Switching Tabs

While validating files, here is what you can do about the coding inconsistency:
>Automated Review. If manual review is not needed and all the titles displayed in the tab are ready to be coded at the same time. This can be made consistently from this page with the rule 'Expand Field' and make all members responsive, privilege and/or work if any attachment is not tagged properly, so you don’t have to go through the documents one by one. Repeat the same steps for each tab by clicking on the 'Next' button and you will not be able to skip stages, until after you see the message 'XX tag passed validation' 

>Finally you will get to the 'Validated' page, which means that your current production is ready to go

>Manual ReviewYou can also manually review and determine inconsistent coding by following the steps below:
1-Click on the title of the document to open it from the Document Viewer
2-From the Disc tab, please note if it has been marked 'Response' or 'Privilege' and apply the proper coding
3-Switch to the Doc tab, click on the other members of the email collection and then switch again to the Disc tab. For each switch to the Disc tab, please modify 'Privilege' or 'Responsive' to make the email family consistent. 
This gives the chance of deciding if you really want to include coded files to the production. (E.g. Emails attachments)
4-Once you finish coding the files manually, return to the Production Validation Page and make sure each tab has passed the validation 

For more information about reviewing documents please visit our help page called Document Review Efficiency.

How do validate files on an interim basis?

You can validate files on an interim basis (prior to the final production), by doing the following:

1-from the Production Job page start a new job using a similar title to the one you have previously validated. For example, if there was a production title named 'Production April 30, 2014' already validated and you want to run an interim validation to the same set of documents, you could start another job by creating a new production title named 'Production 04-30-2014 (second validation)'.
2-still the Production job page, select the previous production and click on the hyperlink. When you click on a production hyperlink, it will redirect you to the Browse page automatically filtering on set of documents previously added to that particular production.
3-from the Browse page, select the documents from the previous production and transfer them to the new production title to continue further validation.  
4-go back to the Discovery>Production Job page and delete the old production title (e.g. Production April 30, 2014)  

Please note that when a production goes through the validation process, our system automatically locks the set of documents for security purposes. However, you can easily conduct interim validations by transferring documents from one production title to another.

Interrupting Validation

If you wish to edit a production you can simply leave the page before moving forward to the tabs, especially the last one called '4. Validated'. Please remember that once you validate a production our system will lock the production set for security reasons, which means that you will not be able to add or remove documents. If you validate a production and realized that it should have been edited, then you will have to start a new one.

Need help?

Be sure you can actually produce documents in the formats agreed upon during negotiations and that the production process can be done timely. This will also reduce the likelihood of delays during the final stages of production resulting from undisclosed expectations or erroneous assumptions.

If you want us to prepare a production for you, please contact us by phone at 800-401-7809x 21, or by email at sales@