QA & QC for Productions

This technical note will provide step-by-step instructions of how to perform quality control on a production  in Lexbe eDiscovery Platform.

To begin the Quality Control process, it is good to understand what you are looking for and what you are looking at. In any Quality Control, you are examining three things:

1.    What you have that you are uploading into Lexbe? 

2.    How it appears now that it is loaded into Lexbe?     

3.    Is the metadata accurately reflected?


QC a Production

In order to ensure a Production is uploaded properly, you will need to make sure the zipped file has the format of "" and that the loadfile within the folder has a properly formatted upload map in the format of "lexbeuploadmapping.xlsx".  

1.    After you have uploaded the Production, you will open the Upload Batch you just created. 

2.       Check the number of documents

              a.       The total number of documents must match the number of files in the .PDF folder

              b.      The total number of text records must match the number of files in the .txt folder

              Open the .txt folder from LOADFILES directory in Excel. The total number of rows must match                 the total number of records.

               c.       Each page of your uploaded production will have a Bates stamp. Get Bates start and                        Bates ends end range from the production.

               The first TIFF file in Images folder must match the first Bates number

               The last TIFF file in Images folder must match the last Bates number.

               Make sure the number of images matches the Bates range.

               d.      In the loadfile, make sure that the BegDoc and EndDoc rows matches the number of                        documents sent in the production.

3.       Open a document.

              a.       Find text that will be unique. Copy it. Go back to the Search tab. Under Search, Options in                       the dropdown menu select "the exact phrase" and paste the text in. Click "Search".                              Ensure that documents are being returned with that text