Recent Additions & Enhancements

We regularly add new functionality to Lexbe. One of the advantages of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is that we can make ongoing improvements without requiring users to download and re-install software.

Field Quick Links (Column Layouts)

Now you can decide which fields you want to display from the main table, keep and even share your custom views with other users in the account. Field Quick Links feature is helpful for creating Redaction and Custom Privilege logs. Similar to the 'Filter Quick Links' feature, a list of all the fields you select during a session is automatically saved to the current data table whenever you click on the ‘Show Fields' hyperlink, from the Browse or Search pages. MORE

Deleting Cases From Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

Account Admin Users can delete cases that are no longer needed, but first we recommend that you make a backup copy of the database before deleting records from the account. MORE

Power & Review User Types

Review User. This is meant for reviewers and do not allow changing ‘metadata’ fields. Review Users can only see the Browse, Search and Document Viewer pages.
Power User. This user can do everything an Account Admin can do except for user administration, creating and deleting Cases. This type of user has the ability to modify metadata and tag multiple files (modify multiple fields simultaneously) by generating custom Excel spreadsheets, which can be helpful to your co-counsels that need to access Lexbe to review and code documents. NOTE: To ensure that your privacy and the confidentiality of your client’s information are protected, Standard users cannot edit metadata and will have to be updated to Power Users. MORE

Master Date Field

Master Date field can be used to consolidate the dates for searching, filtering and eventually producing files. It can be very helpful in making document review consistent and efficient. MORE

Add Case Documents Report

Report Hyperlinks: When you finish uploading batches of files, this feature will allow you to go from the Upload to Case Assessment pages, and generate reports based on different options such as 'Doc Count By Master Date', 'Doc Count By Extension', 'Doc Count Unsupported by Extension', and 'Doc Count Failed To Convert by Extension'. For example, if you click on the option 'Doc Count By Master Date', the hyperlink will take you the take you to the Case Assessment page and display a report showing the file count based on the 'Master Date', which is the field that captures the main date and time an email family was sent (email and its attachments) or for non-emails the last date modified or the date created (if date last modified is not available).

Auto Advance & Propagate Coding  - How Do They Work? 

Once the file is opened from the Document Viewer, you can do the following options:
1- Use the 'Save' Button. Code the current file, and just click on the 'Save' button. Please note this command will only save the tags applied (e.g. 'Responsive', 'Confidential', etc.), without moving to the next document. 
2-Auto-Advance (check-box)If you want to move to the next documents automatically, then you need to select the 'Auto-Advance' check-box. This option lets you review, code and advance to the 24 subsequent documents in list. After 25 documents, close the current window and return to the Browse or Search pages. Advance a page at the bottom of the main table, and then click on the first document in the page to open the document viewer to proceed for the next 25, etc.
3-'Propagate Coding' (check-box). By selecting that option, all the coding you applied under the Disc tab>Coding section ('Responsive', 'Responsive', 'Non-Responsive', etc.,) will be copied from the current record (document) to all members of an email family, over-writing what was there before. MORE

Review Sets

This feature will give you the ability to execute searches and build review efficiently, especially when you have a team of reviewers that will be added as users within your account in order to review large set of document organized.

If you are an Admin User and want to create Review Sets, please click here. For users reviewing sets of documents, please click here.

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Future Additions

We are working on adding new functionality to Lexbe. Some things may be done quickly and some may take a while. We generate our list of improvements and prioritize based on user feedback. Please let us know what you would like to see by contacting customer service at our Support Center or send us an email.