Finding Documents Previously Produced

This technical note will provide step-by-step instructions on how to find what documents have been in a previous production in the eDiscovery Platform.

Bates Stamping

This feature can help you find out if documents have been part of previous productions. For example, your case has different Bates prefixes for associated productions with independence of Bates ranges or Bates were uploaded
with an Excel upload spreadsheet.

Bates Range as Part of an Incoming Load File

Bates stamping can also come in with an incoming load file, as part of a production sent to you by the opposing counsel.

How to see what Documents have been in a Production   

You can check for previous documents productions in the following ways:

1-Showing the field 'Bates' in Browse or Search pages. That field indicates the current bates range applied to the documents.

Still from those pages you can apply filters by Bates Prefix (e.g. UL,).
The eDiscovery Platform allows you to further narrowed down your search to a specific bates range,

                                                                               and Production Title.

As a result, the main table will now only show the documents produced at specific bates range.

2- Production Job. Also, if you run multiple productions the Bates Number for any document is stored within the Production Job page, so you can access the set of documents and download it multiple times. If you don't delete productions, the page will retain the bates number each document had when the production was first created.

When you click on the production 'Title' link,

it redirects you to the Browse page automatically filtering on set of documents you added to the selected production.   

3. Document Viewer (one document at a time). The Disc tab has a section called 'Document Id', that shows you the current Bates applied to the document you have opened in the Document Viewer page.

Please note that the Bates shown on the Browse, Search and Document Viewer pages reflect the Bates Number the document was assigned in the last production.

Retaining Bates Numbers from Previous Productions 

The Bates Range of documents in a Production Job being prepared, and Privileged documents withheld, is not determined until the job is completed. It's a common practice to have different Bates prefixes for associated productions to allow independence of Bates ranges.  MORE    

Further Assistance

We also offer Project Management and Technical Services if engaged to support your productions efforts by helping to execute specific requests for bates stamping projects. Please contact Customer Support if needed.