Share Download Briefcase

How to Create a Briefcase Download

You can access the 'Download Briefcase' function through the menu under Case>Download Case Documents. Please visit our Downloading Briefcase page for more details.

Share Download Document

Open the 'Download Briefcase' page. The main table will display groups of documents that you have selected to share or download. Select the one you want to share and then click on ‘Edit’.

A new window 'Edit Briefcase' will be opened. Rename the Title and click on the check box where it is written 'Allow users without access to Lexbe eDiscovery Platform to download these documents' and then click 'Update'.
If you click on the ‘Link’ a new window will display the following message:

Documents can be shared by copying the URL or web address from the ‘Shared Download Link’ and pasted into your email to be sent out (E.g. The email recipient will be able to download the documents (zip file) to a location on his/her computer.

Download documents compressed in a Zip file

When you either click on 'Go To Download Briefcase' or open the URL link, a progress is shown for the entire upload based on your Internet Speed and size of the Zip File.

If you have a high speed Internet select 'Click here to download document', then your browser will prompt you to download the zip file to a location on your computer or LAN as directed by you. If given an option, select 'Save As' rather than 'Open'. Once you do this, you download will commence to your computer and you will see a browser-based download bar. Click 'OK' to complete download.


Once you downloaded the file, your computer uses a program such as WinZip to expand the file back to its original size. Double-click on a Zip file and it will open in Explorer, just like a folder. Double-click on any file inside the compressed folder and you will be able to open and view the documents with Adobe Reader.

Please note. If you're using Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT or Windows 2000 then you might need to install a special application to open Zip files.

Unsharing Documents

>Open the main table from 'Case>Download Case Documents'
>Click 'Edit' the Production previously shared and uncheck the box for 'Allow users without access to Lexbe eDiscovery Platform to Download these documents' and then click 'Update'

This action will disable the URL link shared and allows you to review, create and share a new set of documents with a different URL link or even share the same one.

Retaining or Deleting Downloads

Once you have created a download zip file, and have downloaded to your local computer or LAN, you may wish to delete it from Lexbe eDiscovery Platform. (Deleting the download will have no effect on the original documents from which the download zip file was created). To delete a Zip download, select the download or downloads to delete and then click on the 'Delete Selected Downloads' button.