Specific Bates-Numbered Production

This technical note will show you how to produce documents using specific Bates order (by upload time).


Lexbe eDiscovery Platform does not automatically allow for production of the specific Bates order (by upload time). Within the application, it Bates numbers by 'Doc Date', then 'Doc Title'.  Our system assumes that 'Doc Dates' will either be auto-extracted from native files like emails (PST or MSG) or hand coded.

For example, if you have a collection of scanned documents case it will require date coding to get that functionality.

Bates Numbering Order When 'Doc Dates' are Extracted or Hand Coded from Natives

Bates numbering as part of a production is done on the basis of the Doc Date, with email attachments to MSGs, if any, nested after the email.  So if your documents had the 'doc dates' on them, they should have Bates stamped in order.

Bates Numbering Order Without 'Doc Date' Extraction or Hand Coding

The order will not be date first, but is based mainly on document title

Here is the document order:
1) Non-Privileged, Work Product, by Document Title (Produced)
2) Privileged, by Document Title (suppressed from Production)
3) Work Product, by Document Title (suppressed from Production)

In each case for emails we process (PST and MSG), the email bodies are date ordered, as the Document Title will begin 'YYYY-MM-DD', and email attachments are nested after the email bodies. The 'Doc Date' is not expressly taken into account.  For documents with the same 'Document Title' within a Production, the order will be random and we and you cannot control the order as part of the automated Production functionality. 

If you have uploaded by named batch, you can run productions one at a time, by batch, and that will meet the goal of grouping by batch for Bates numbering (but not a specific order within). Getting a specific order within batches could be achieved by adding Doc Dates, when needed, and or adding numbers to the beginning of titles. E.g., '01 Any Doc', or 'Statements 01 Any Doc'. You can bulk rename titles before upload using third party software such as 'Bulk Rename Utility'.

Here are options within the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform to specifically control Bates order of documents:

1) Modify documents titles to be ordered as you wish. You could rename documents with leading numbers to get the order you want

For example, multiple 'BEDROCK SOFTWARE' documents could be renamed to:

, etc., either within Lexbe after uploaded or before upload.  Then the Bates naming in 'Doc Title' order would achieve the desired effect.

You alternatively could name using the upload folder as well, such as:

2011-09-30 BEDROCK SOFTWARE 02
2011-09-30 BEDROCK SOFTWARE 03
2011-09-30 BEDROCK SOFTWARE 04

This would have the advantage of allowing you to do larger productions (across upload folders) and have it order the way you want it to. The renaming can also be done in Excel using our Metadata Upload

2) You can apply beginning Bates numbers yourself to the documents in the order you want using the the Document viewer, Doc tab, or using the Metadata Upload, with edits done in Excel.

In either case you would code the Bates prefix and beginning Bates number. This would require that you to look at the page numbers of the document (a column in Browse or can be downloaded in Excel) and manually (or in Excel) increment to the next starting Bates number. Then instead of running a Production you would download the documents you want to produce to a Briefcase, selecting to print the Bates number as a Briefcase select.

As this method bypasses the logic of Productions, you would need to check the Briefcases very carefully, and make sure that you do not produce privileged or work-product documents, and use the redacted version of documents, not the original or PDF version, etc. Native files should not be produced in this method without careful review as well as they might include privileged information in files or containers.

For the future you might also consider having whoever scans documents to add the date to the beginning of documents in the form 'YYYY-MM-DD Statement', etc. That would allow the title sort in our system to meet your goals.

Further Assistance

We also offer Project Management and Technical Services if engaged to support your production
efforts by helping to execute specific requests for document identification. Please contact your sales rep or our Support Center if needed.