Support Policy

Lexbe support includes matters regarding general account operation and administration regarding the use of Lexbe eDiscovery Platform and as part of Lexbe eDiscovery Services.  Free support is included as part of  Customer Service.  Customers can also get support through paid Technical Services (billable hourly as needed).

Self-Help Materials

Technical Resources
Lexbe has extensive self-help materials for customers using the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, as well as utilizing Lexbe eDiscovery Services. These include Lexbe Technical Resources in the form of downloadable PDFs:
>Lexbe eDiscovery Platform User Manual
>Load File Specifications
>Lexbe Standard Metadata Processing Load File Field
>Lexbe eDiscovery Platform TIFF Image DAT Load File Specifications
>Lexbe eDiscovery Platform TIFF Image DII Load File Specifications
>Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Native Load File Specifications

Online Help
We also have an Online Help System available while logged into the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, and this help system includes technical instruction and help on many subjects.

On-Demand Webinars
We offer a number of on-demand recorded webinars on a variety of eDiscovery and Document Management best practices.  These include recordings and PDF materials for download.

Free Weekly Training

We weekly offer free live training to show Lexbe
eDiscovery Platform functionality real-time over the web. MORE

Free Customer Service

Lexbe offers free ticket based customer support to Lexbe eDiscovery Platform and Lexbe eDiscovery Services customers. 

How to Submit Customer Service Requests
Service requests must be submitted through our customer ticket system, or if needed, by email to Phone support is not included (phone support is available as part of Technical Services (below). Our support system can be accessed 24x7.

Customer Service Response Time
We guarantee a customer service response by the end of the next business day (6pm CST) following the day of the request.  For example, a request received 2pm CT on Tuesday would have a target time for an initial response of Wednesday 6pm CT. 
Our business hours are Monday to Friday-8am - 6pm CST, excluding major US holidays.

Customer Service Hours
Our Customer Service business hours are Monday to Friday-8am - 6pm CST, excluding major US holidays.

Initial Response vs. Resolution.  Please note that the target for an initial response will not always mean resolution. 
Total resolution times will vary depending on the nature of the matter raised and if further input from the customer is required to document or troubleshoot the issue raised.  Please include as much information as possible in your ticket so that our staff has full information to work for a resolution.

What Does Free
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Customer Service Cover?

Free Lexbe
eDiscovery Platform Customer Service covers the following topics:

Account Access
. Inability to access a user account (treated as a high priority either submitted as a ticket or over the phone to Technical Services below), including assistance with 
Password Recovery and security account lock-outs.

Account Closure. Closing an account and assistance in archiving data (without need of our technical services to assist in archiving, downloading of shipping)

General Functionality and Use. General questions about Lexbe eDiscovery Platform that are not case or account specific.

Feature Requests. Requests for new features and capabilities

Bug reports.  Replicable failure of of designed functionality that are not data or document specific.

Self-Help. Reference to self-help material.

Processing Time Longer than Target Time.  If processing time exceeds our targets (10 GBs/day for processing from native or PDF, or producing to Native or PDF, and 2.5 GBs/day for TIFF productions). 

Free Customer Service for the Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Support does not cover items not described above.  Assistance is available under paid technical services, paid training, or project management services below (billable hourly).

A non-exclusive listing is a follows:

Local Software. Local Browser or software configuration issues.

Internet Speed Connection. Questions about local upload or download connection speed.  Time taken to upload or download files, briefcases or productions.  (Lexbe serves files out on a 1 Gbps connection for our servers are not likely to be an issue.

Administration. Administration of cases and users in an account.

Case or Document Specific Queries.  Case  or document specific use of Lexbe
eDiscovery Platform

Processing.   File processing or conversion issues with files in a case.  File conversion, OCR and processing questions related to why certain files converted or did not.

Project Management.  Assistance in in management of case or eDiscovery processes or tasks.

Custom Training.  Training or instruction in how to use Lexbe
eDiscovery Platform in a particular case or involving particular files or documents (unless as part of reporting a software bug). 

Technical Services.  Technical support services for matters not covered in support, above.

These matters can be addressed with paid custom training, technical services or project management services, described below.

What Does Free Lexbe eDiscovery Services Customer Service Cover?

Free Lexbe
eDiscovery Services jobs Customer Service covers the following topics:

Job status
.  When jobs are targeted for completion; status.

Self-Help. Shipping and delivery questions.

Free eDiscovery customer service does not include other matters, including the following:

Data research. Research questions regarding ESI; track ESI or changes; extract original copies of ESI from eDiscovery processing jobs.

Exception Reports/QC/QA.  Questions as to why certain files failed ot convert, data corruption issues.

Loadfile QC/QA, Manipulation.  Load file questions or repair, manipulation.

File Conversion.  Manual or semi-automatic file conversion, review or manipulation

Reporting.  Preparing and run specialized project, case or reports.

Discovery Specs.  Reviewing discovery specifications and compare with Lexbe eDiscovery procedures and deliverables.

Consulting or Project Management. Consulting with clients or third parties and client request regarding technical aspects of eDiscovery processes, procedures or output.

What Does Free Lexbe eDiscovery Services Customer Service Cover?

Many of the non-covered items in our free Customer Support for Lexbe eDiscovery Platform or eDiscovery Services can be addressed by our Technical Services department.  They can be reached as follows:

>Phone: (800) 401-4710

Technical Services work is billable hourly ($150/hour) and can be available on short notice.

Matters handled include the following:

>Exception handling, and data research on files failed to convert.
>Load file manipulation and data editing.
>Assistance with productions.
>Custom training.
>Creating saved searches.
>In database culling.
>Prepping data for production.
>Special file conversion.
>Best practices recommendations for reviews and productions.
>Using Near Duplication groupings to speed reviews and prevent privilege waiver.
>Custom reporting.