Text View


The Text View tab is part of the Document Viewer feature on the left side of the screen. It shows the indexed text of a document. For more information about embedded images click here. You can also view a document by clicking on any link to the document in Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, such as from the 'Search', 'Browse' or 'Facts & Issues' pages.

View Coded Information Associated with Document

When you open any document in the document viewer you initially see a panel on the right that includes tagged information about the document, discovery, notes and facts. We discuss in more details here.

Navigating in between Pages or Documents

Scroll up and down your mouse to see all the text pages from the Document Viewer. If you want to move to the next or previous document in the document set, use the arrows on the top of the document viewer tab (center). This action will display the full document view (one page at time).