Demos & Custom Trainings

At Lexbe, we use the GoToMeeting service for web custom paid training and free demonstrations of Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, trainings and quarterly review accounts. Using GoToMeeting allows us to show Lexbe functionality real-time over the web using live data. Training, demo and quarterly review sessions typically take about 30 minutes and can be done from any web-based computer. This help document will provide instructions on how to use GoToMeeting.

Custom Trainings

It will help you use project management to organize your cases and determine how you will achieve specific goals during the document review and production. MORE

As part of our custom training services, we can also record the session and send it to you by mail (free of charge) so you can replay it later or make it available to all users of the account. Please let us know prior to 1 day (24 hours) of your training schedule, if you want us to record the training session and send the media to you. Media format (MP4).

Logging In

You should have received instructions on how to log into the
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform training or demo session. Click on the supplied link (or copy and paste it into your web browser) and you will be taken to the GoToMeeting website. If you have not used GoToMeeting before you will be prompted to download and setup a GotoMeeting program. This will require you to set up a GoToMeeting login (different from your Lexbe login, if you have one).

Call-in Number or VOIP

In your training or demo email you should have received a call-in number and access code for the conference call portion the session. Alternatively, you can access the meeting using a headset on your computer using VIOP (voice-over-IP). You will receive instructions for this access on your computer after logging in to the meeting.


We encourage questions. The purpose of the session is to make you proficient with
Lexbe eDiscovery Platform and be able to start using Lexbe with your case or cases. Please feel free to email your trainer or customer service before or after your session.

Additional Participants

You can add more participants to the session at any time. There is no limit or need for advance notice. Simply forward the email to whomever you would like to have participate and they can log in and call in as well.

Support for PCs and MACs

GoToMeeting supports Windows PCs and MAC computers. For MACs we have found that using the Firefox browser works better than using Safari. If you have any problems starting a meeting with Safari for the MAC, consider trying Firefox for the MAC.

If you have other questions or does this document not address your needs, please contact Customer Service.