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You have two options for getting your documents into Lexbe eDiscovery Platform:

Procedure for adding documents are described below.

➠Send Documents to Us 

Sending documents to us represents the option that requires the least processing time on your part. We accept only electronic documents stored on CDs, DVDs, flash disc or keys, or portable hard disc drives.  The various options for sending documents to us for processing are described below. We accept electronic documents in a variety of file formats for processing and conversion to PDF, including: Word, Word-Perfect, Excel, PowerPoint, TIFF and JPEG. A detailed description of conversion services and specific pricing is here. 

Services charges do apply and you may request for a quote

How to Create a Zip File to be sent by iBackup/FTP accounts

If you are sending us files as an upload for processing, first you must combine the multiple files into one or more Zip archives prior to uploading. Leave the window open until all files have

Zip Considerations

See help page ZIP files.

Upload Documents Yourself

You can upload any type of electronic document to Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, including documents in their native file formats (e.g. Word, Word Perfect, Excel, PowerPoint) and documents in PDF. These documents will all be searchable in your Lexbe account.

To open files in Lexbe other than PDF, you will need the native application, or a viewer, installed on your computer. For example, you can open Word, Word Perfect, Excel and PowerPoint documents if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. 

You may wish to convert documents to the PDF file format. There are a number of ways to  do this, including using Adobe Acrobat Professional (the free version of Adobe Acrobat will not convert documents to PDF format; it only allows viewing). Other programs, some free, will also convert documents to PDF.

You can also upload in document file format types to Lexbe, such as images (TIFF, JPG, BMP), or video or audio files (WAV, MP3, AVI, MPEG).

Very Large Uploads 

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform offers a upload service for very large uploads. Simply place the files on a portable flash drive or CD's/DVDs and send to us at:
Customer Service
8701 N. Mopac Expy
Suite 320
Austin, TX 78759

Services charges do apply and you may request for a quote